Lack of interest Display photo name on lightbox photo view

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I found a similar request, but it's asking for too much, a facebook like comment area. I just want an option to see photo names when in the lightbox photo viewer.

In a posting with many photos, where the photos really only have meaning when you know what they are, it is very difficult to tell what they are. The thumbnails display the photo name but the picture is too small. The lightbox photo view is the size to see the image, but there is no way to see the photo name. Any way to see the name would do: on mouseover (over the photo, or displayed in whatever that area is called on the bottom line on a screen, where links are displayed) or on a line above or below the photo.

I have used this link in another request, but it also demonstrates this issue, where there are many photos in a posting, each demonstrating a different plant. In a botanical garden forum, that's a common situation. I particularly wanted the name of one of the photos, but the names are only available after exiting the photo viewer, and once out, it's hard from those little thumbs to tell which photo it was. At that size, all those green leaves look the same.

I can understand that some people want a nice clean photo display, and many people don't name their photos, so there's no point. But when there is a point, it's more than just nice to have. Not having the name when you can see the photo is really an obstacle in achieving the goal of the posting. So best would be that this be an option. I suppose it could either be a user option or an administrator option.

Is there already such an add-on? I'm not sure how to go about finding it.
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I just figured out how to see the name - by mousing over that Open in New Window arrow at the upper right in the lightbox, the photo file name appears in the URL box at the bottom left corner of the screen. It's a little obscure, but it works for me, now that I've figured it out.