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One of the problems facing forums is that a lot of our members want quick answers to questions. Social media has exacerbated impatience and instant gratification. Members tend to post their questions in places where they think they'll get an answer fastest. Sometimes that's in the forum with the most (recent) activity, or the forum with the biggest thread/post count. Sometimes it's on FB because they know the whole world is on FB and they'll get faster answers there than on a forum.

One important stat that would be good for our members to be aware of is the number of Watchers for each forum/sub-forum and each thread. If you know that a few hundred members subscribe to get alerts when threads are posted in a particular sub-forum it might help that member determine that it's a good sub-forum for them to post their question in. This could certainly be a node-level setting to toggle on and off if it would impact performance. The setting for Threads could be a general setting.

As far as implementation, I think it makes sense for this stat to be displayed on the Forum View and also the Forum List (next to the Thread count and Post count).

At the very least, it would be helpful for admins/mods to be to see these stats for each node/thread. It's great information for an admin to have. I'd love to be able to tell a member that they should post their question in X sub-forum, as that sub-forum has X number of members watching it and they'll all get an alert when the question gets posted there.
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