XF 2.1 Display a specific connected account in the message cell user account panel


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Hello, I have been trying to figure this out for hours now and can't seem to do it. Here is what I want to achieve:

I have a connected account setup on my website, so users can log in with said site, eg Twitch.tv.

I want to be able to display each users connected account link under there user panel, eg A link to their Twitch.tv profile
In my case, I am using the JUM Connected Accounts plugin to add more services.

This is what I have at the moment:

And this is what I want:

I'm using the message_macros template to place the code in the correct place, but I'm just unsure how too either access the connected accounts data, or use functions from the addon to achieve this.

I've tried searching using this:


To try and access the twitch data but that didn't work.
I'm guessing $user.Profile.connected_accounts is an array and this might include the data of the connected accounts? But I'm not too sure how to use this

I tried this code to use a function from the addon files to get the profile link:


  include 'src/addons/JUM/ConnectedAccounts/ConnectedAccount/ProviderData';

  namespace JUM;

  class twitchdisplay {

    public static function getthis() {





But that didn't work either. I think I would ideally want to be able to access the functions from the connected accounts addon I'm using, as I would be able to implement more features from the Twitch API in the future

I've kinda run out of ideas, so any help on how I can do this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!