connected accounts

  1. ActorMike

    Fixed Yahoo Connected Accounts- Please enter a value for the required field 'provider_key'.

    This stopped working sometime recently, although Yahoo sends emails and says "Your Yahoo account XXXXXX was just used to sign in on XXXXXXXX Forum Member Login. If you did this, you’re all set after a registration or login attempt. First, I can confirm I've followed all the directions here. I...
  2. R

    XF 2.1 Connected Accounts API?

    Is there any API for use with Connected Accounts? My site automatically registers an account on the forum, and the question is - can I also link forum account with any other account automatically? Is there any public API for that?
  3. JaidanBrowm

    XF 2.1 Display a specific connected account in the message cell user account panel

    Hello, I have been trying to figure this out for hours now and can't seem to do it. Here is what I want to achieve: I have a connected account setup on my website, so users can log in with said site, eg I want to be able to display each users connected account link under there user...
  4. Kruzya

    [Telegram] Core 2.0.4

    Plugin provides the ability to log in via Telegram and basic code events for implementing bots with XF. By default, plugin implements two ways for authenticating: default Telegram OAuth Button and "dialog with bot" (for cases when button doesn't displayed because user lives in country with...
  5. blablafixer

    Add Discord 'connected account provider'

    Seeing as we have all these connected account providers already, could we get Discord in there as well? This is a major appeal to forums that are used for gaming, especially as Discord is growing and integrating into games. Most gamers already have a Discord account, so this can greatly improve...
  6. RavenFeatherwing

    XF 2.1 Registration via Active Providers

    Hi folks! I'm setting up a new site (using XF 2.1) that'll be linked with an external service (Discord) and I'd like to know if there's any a way to use one of the connected account options as the default registration method in place of the standard registration form. I've done a little bit of...
  7. alsoGAMER

    XF 2.1 Connected account doesn't work anymore

    I've already reported a similar problem, but now is the connected account feature that have some problems, when i click "test" on one of the provider that are configured xf redirect me to the root of the webserver, where there is a wordpress instance and return (obv) error 404, else if i try to...
  8. Z61

    Discord account provider 1.0.1

    Adds a connected account provider for XenForo 2 that allows integration with Discord. Installation: Install the add-on by extracting the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo 2 installation. Visit ACP and click install on Discord Provider. Create your Discord developer...
  9. Z61

    Mastodon integration 1.0

    Adds a connected account provider for XenForo 2 that allows OAuth 2 integration with an Mastodon instance. Installing Install the add-on by extracting the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo 2 installation. Visit ACP and click install on Mastodon integration Then...
  10. Assadi

    XF2 [S70] Steam Authentication and Integration (Connected Accounts) - NEW: ANALYTICS, XF1 IMPORTING 1.7.9

    The leading Steam integration module for XenForo 2 This add-on provides a fully functional XF2 connected account provider for Steam. This means it integrates perfectly with the existing sign-in system and feels native to XenForo 2 - like an add-on should. Example forums Project Genom - A...
  11. Z61

    XF 2.0 Custom ConnectedAccount provider loses information after a few days?

    So I've successfully created two ConnectedAccount providers and both seem to lose their data after a couple of days causing their providerData shown on account/connected-accounts to disappear. Is there something I need to setup on my provider data classes to remedy this?
  12. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] User Improvements 1.3.0 Patch Level 9

    User Improvements This add-on is being removed and replaced with three separate add-ons. They are free and maybe downloaded from their separate product pages. The three add-ons are: [TH] Connected Accounts [TH] User Name Change [TH] User Name Color You can find these along with other add-ons...