XF 2.1 Dismiss or resolve file health check?


I've had this banner through I don't know how many months, XF updates, and otherwise:

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 12.27.49 AM.png

This error appears in ACP due to a change I made to a file many months ago. I had no choice but to make this change in response to a bug whereby a server with both XF and WordPress would break. If I recall, this change was actually what XF themselves suggested that folks do, though I can't find the thread(s) discussing it upon a cursory search unfortuantely.

What is the appropriate way to dismiss or disable this alert? Beyond being stressful clutter, the fact that I can't dismiss this means that I probably won't notice if and when a file health check that actually matters does fail, since visually I will see no difference at a glance.

For folks in the future who encounter this issue: I fixed this by generating a sha256 hash of the edited file, and then manually replacing the hash associated with the file in src\addons\XF\hashes.json. There are tools to generate such hashes locally and online; it does appear that the hash needs to be stripped of /r characters, for reference.

@Brogan That XenForo (to my knowledge at least) provides no way to dismiss or allow admins to regenerate hashes for changed files (and thus acknowledge/accept the changes) is very concerning in my opinion - the irony of the only way to 'dismiss' the error being to modify the file meant to detect files being modified is not lost to me. There are many instances where the best solution for an admin involves editing a file directly – both for third party add-ons and for XenForo itself, in our case – and XenForo's current position in those cases seems to be to "just ignore" the file checks that fail. The logical result of that position is a spurious false error at the top of the home page of the ACP – the most important placement in the entire control panel.

That's not only annoying, it's dangerous: if that error is always presented, if and when a file is actually modified for improper or nefarious reasons, the admin is much less likely to notice it because they've been conditioned to ignore the banner. This defeats the whole purpose.
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