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We are happy to announce the "Reloaded" version of TV Discussions, the latest evolution of the site that started out as AllAlias. AllAlias was once an active and vibrant site and with 1.6 million posts already made over the years, we felt it was too good a site to leave gathering dust and so we hope that we can revitalize that spirit with TV Discussions.

TV Discussions is a forum where you can talk about anything on TV - past, present, and future - but we expect that the really active discussions will be about the current group of hit TV shows.

So what's different about this version of TV Discussions than the last version? We've upgraded the site to XenForo - that's what! We've loaded up Akrion's free style for now, until we have a custom style and have added a few modifications, for example Post Ratings and Moods, to enhance the user experience.

Come check it out and let us know what you think!



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Holy smokes, that's a big forum :)
Best of luck with getting it back to speed. It shouldn't be too hard with such a memberbase


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Excellent job on the conversion az. I might have not gave house md the prominence of index though considering this is the final season. Other than that...... (y)