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If you look at the source code of threads on this website, you will see that this information is included at the end of page

        <script type="application/ld+json">
            "@context": "",
            "@type": "DiscussionForumPosting",
However, this for some reason doesn't appear even in stock fresh xenforo install or the demo that XF provides. Not sure what's up with that, i searched this code in templates and it appears in thread_view. It should show up but doesn't :unsure:

Not sure what the official site is doing that's different. This code is helpful in Google showing structured data. So seems like a bug.

EDIT: This can be deleted!. NOT A BUG. Apparently, it's Cloudflare stripping the schema info.
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Jeremy P

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You also need to ensure you have a metadata image configured in your style properties.