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So I had an epiphany this morning. On our forum, we've been wracking our brains trying to come up with a way to entice folks into using the Resource Manager to illustrate the things that they're working on. It's an automotive forum and it's broken up into categories based on model years and platform.

When you build a resource, it all goes into a resource pile. The associated thread gets deposited in a pile with all of the resource threads. You can access that list of resources from the resource tab and even filter into categories.

I can't speak for every forum but for us, there is a problem getting folks interested in clicking on the resource tab to see what's in there. The largest majority of forum users get comfortable in their own small corner of the forum and that's pretty much where they stay and interact.

So what if the user could SELECT the destination of the resource discussion (and thread tags associated with the forum that they choose for the discussion)?!?

The resource manager itself doesn't care where the discussion is located on the node list. It can even be duplicated (thread can be accessed from the resource discussion node --or-- from the user designated forum --or-- a permanent redirect put into the resource discussion forum). They would be the same thread only when you access that thread (regardless of the forum they arrived from), they would see the tabs for the entire resource.

So now you have exposure from two sides. Folks that are just browsing the resources will find them that way. Folks that are looking through threads in their favorite part of the forum will find the discussion (and thus the resource) from that direction.

For us at least, this option would be a godsend. The resource manager is genius. What we need is a way to get exposure to the resource manager and make people covet its functionality and use it.

Of course, the option for users to be able to select the discussion forum destination would be Admin selectable from the CP. Forums are different. It may not be the key feature to everyone the way it would be for us.

Admin CP: Forum/Options/Xenforo Resource Manager

"Allow user selectable discussion thread destination" - (Checkbox)

If selected from the CP, a drop-down box would appear with a list of all the forums that the user has access to when the resource is created.
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