Add-on Discussion Count Node Restriction

As far as I'm aware, an addon like this has yet to exist.

I really need an addon that restricts who can enter a particular node on a per-node basis, because not all nodes will have a discussion count requirement.

For example, spam is a problem within the members of the community, and we've a "Shameless Plugs" section, and I'd like to restrict access to members who only have 30 discussions or more. So... under "Edit Forum" and "Forum Options"? Not completely sure whether that's a possibility.

I'd like there to be a permission on a user group basis for users to bypass the restriction, e.g. "Can bypass discussion count restriction", so at least certain staff members (and perhaps the premium users) don't have to follow the limit and get past it.

Alternatively -- and it would be cool if it was an additional feature, too -- the ability to control who can simply post new threads/reply to threads in certain nodes based on their discussion counts would be amazing as well, with the aforementioned user group bypass permission included (if it's not an additional feature). I know there's a plugin restricting people from replying on a per-thread basis. I don't want that -- I want to be able to control this from the admin dashboard.

...another cool feature idea: user group permission-related: discussion count to post links anywhere on forum. The ONLY reason I don't want this to be the main focus is due to the fact that it's a blogging community, and people are going to need to be able to post links in various places, be them external or internal links.

I'm willing to pay for this, so if you think you can do it, please send me a conversation with your quote(s). Please include in the quote the price of the project without branding. You'll be credited, I'm simply working on putting together a "Credits" thread and purchasing branding removal for other addons, because I'm kind of super-picky when it comes to mess on forums, and it just bugs me.

Thanks in advance. c:
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