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Ashley S

Site Name: DiscussHQ - General Discussion Forum
URL: - http://discusshq.com/index.php

DiscussHQ is a friendly and laid back general discussion forum. We like to discuss about anything and everything as long as it follows the forum rules. DiscussHQ is like a hobbie to me I like chatting and making new friends.

What do we have to offer? - A laid back and friendly general discussion forum
- A chatbox - You must register to able to chat in the chatbox
- A nice light blue theme - Makes things easy to navigate and easier to see things
- A mood manager - Able to change your mood image which can be seen all over the forum
- Group Promotions - 20 posts in 1 day = green username, 40 posts in 1 day = pink username
- Have any suggestions? Post here - http://discusshq.com/index.php?forums/feedback-help-suggestions.7/

More forum add-ons will be added soon!

So what are you waiting for? Come a long and register and enjoy the fun!
I hope to see you around, thank you!

Are you a forum owner/admin and looking to help post on DiscussHQ?
If so please register and send me a PM (Ashley) with your forum and we can exchange posts to keep our forums posting activity active.

- http://discusshq.com/index.php
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