Disappearing Style


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I switched hosts again recently.

I backed up my files and DB.

Then I uploaded my files and imported my DB. Everything seems to be working fine except for one thing. A style that I created seems to have gone missing. I made 2 custom styles, one of them was set as default. The one set as default was reserved, but the other one has displayed a vanishing act.

I switched hosts over a month ago and the styles was there. I switched hosts again, and the second custom style I created is missing.

Any ideas on what happened, or how I may be able to recover it? I made the styles through the admin system, and never exported it.

Jake Bunce

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Styles don't just disappear. Some one might have deleted it (an admin, or some one with an admin login). Or maybe a backup was restored to the server that resulted in data loss.


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I forgot to come back and tell what the problem was. The problem was I uploaded the wrong backup(earlier backup). My fault...