XF 1.4 Disappearing Posts

Hi Guys,

A few of our users are reporting that some posts are disappearing. I have witness at least one of the posts, I know that it was there and is no longer. So their stories are credible. I have checked the moderator and admin logs and can't find any hint of anyone deleting any threads.

Obviously hard to try and prove a negative as not all posts are being deleted.

Can I check if anyone has had similar concerns before?
If a regular registered user deleted the thread would it show up on any logs?
Are there any log pluging's out there that I could add to xenforo in order to pick things like this up.
Any help advice would be appreciated

Posts cannot disappear in XenForo without intervention from a human or add-on. Can you replicate instances where posts disappear?
Thanks Jeremy, unfortunately we don't seem to be able to. It's only from memory that someone tried to find this one and couldn't find it.

From Google's cache we know it was there yesterday and disappeared within a 14 hour window.


I've emailed the guy who created the thread to double check he hasn't deleted it. The permissions say that he should be able to but I'm double checking that with him now. I don't think we have a massive security issue, I think it's more likely that the permissions somewhere is letting someone delete threads. I'd imagine it's just trying to find and close that loophole in our permission settings.


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Its likely the ability to hard delete, which removes it permanently from your database. However, it should be logged if I remember correctly.