XF 1.2 Disable the 'About Me' section of a profile - Being used for spam


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I have noticed with the 1.2 software sometimes users updating their profiles are getting rejected. And when they get rejected they are people (or bots) registering and changing their About Me to ads. No one really uses the About Me on my board. Is there a way to disable and hide that section? Thanks!


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I removed mine a while back and the homepage field too. bots still register but since i took away these options, I have had no profile spam since.

The template you need to edit is account_personal_details

I put a condition around the code so that once a new user hit 5 posts they were upgraded (by user promotion) to a different user group which allowed genuine users the chance to fill in the field if they wish.


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would this be safe to run on xenforo2? i just discovered the amount of spam left on a regular basis on about pages on accounts with zero posts. is there a better way to deal with it on xf2? thanks! and apologies for posting on such an old thread!