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disable text colour-formatting in editor 1.1.2

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dieketzer submitted a new resource:

disable text colour-formatting in editor (version 1.1.2) - remove chromes pasting of colours into the tinymce editor

xf 1.0 - 1.1.2

due to chrome pasting issues (pasting colour-formatted text), and the fact that i have both a light and dark style available, text colour formatting is problematic. as a result i have elected to completely disable all colour functionality from tinyMCE.
  • pasted colour-formatting will be stripped when posted
  • colour-format button will not be visible
  • manually entered [color] tags will silently fail
  • php code colour-formatting is unaffected (syntax...

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you could go through those same three files and look for the code that references the centre tag and comment them out.


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das it works on 1.1.3 ?
i dont know. i havent upgraded to 1.1.3.
i suspect it does work. i dont recall changes to the editor being part of the update talk.
you could upload the files and find out. nothing would be changed in the configuration or the database, so if it doesnt work you could revert it simply by uploading the default xenforo php files: