Lack of interest disable smiles in post

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Yes, some of my users have asked the option to globally disable smilies. I never knew some people really dislike smilies. An option in the UCP "View smilies", if its unchecked the user can't see the smilie and views just the plain text ( :D -> : D) ofc without the space.

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need option to disable smiles in posts
FWIW, the actual word is not smiles but smilies .
CapnLuffy's suggestion will prevent the graphic from coming up, which very well could accomplish what you want.

I dont think anyone has entirely accomplished removing the smilie dropdown in Xenforo. Xenforo uses the TinyMCE editor, I am sure it is possible to accomplish what you want. It would involve editing the TinyMCE files in Xenforo.

You might read these two thread to learn about removing stuff from the TinyMCE editor.