XF 2.2 Disable reactions for one member? Misuse of "likes" option.


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We're having an issue with a member who spammed a thread he's been banned from, using LOL emojis very inappropriately on topic that are very serious. Other than banning, is there a way to keep a him from using reactions on specific threads?

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Not on specific threads, no.

It can be done at the user or node/user level.

Permissions do not go down to the thread level.

Thanks for moving my post to the correct thread.

How about to subforum levels? Otherwise it's an all or nothing proposition. No access to reacting anywhere on the forum, vs localizing the penalty to a specific forum.

Thanks Brogan!


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Thanks, however can it do per user restriction? Not whole groups but targeting one defiant member?
No, but it is per-group. So you can just write up a new user-group to disable that reaction type. Which means you can apply it to more than 1 user easily (and more than 1 user will abuse these things)

It also means you can hook this up to standard XenForo warnings, so moderators can stop any given user from using some reaction by applying the group while the warning points (or the warning) exist on the account.