Direct paste into wysiwyg from discord code block ignores linebreaks

Rasmus Vind

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In the wysiwyg editor, when I paste code from a Discord code block (the 3 backticks) directly into the rich text field (not using the code button in the header) 1616052444485.png.

                $isNotRobot = !$this->app->request()->getRobotName();                if ($isNotRobot) {                    $bundle->logBundleView();                }

                $isNotRobot = !$this->app->request()->getRobotName();
                if ($isNotRobot) {

From what I'm told, Discord gives you only \n linebreaks, not \r\n which might be the issue. I understand you can use the button but I think the other solution should work too.

Here's a video of what happens.
View attachment Kapture 2021-03-18 at 08.30.37.mp4
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