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Digital Point Push Notifications [Paid] 1.0.0

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This could be really good for forums. I have to wait till I can save up some money. Watching this thread. :)

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Cool idea, would love to see an Android version.
Same here. It's the majority mobile platform these days. If a XF forum could do push notifications to the major mobile platforms, that would complete our needs. That is the only thing users miss since I dumped support for Crapatalk.


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Maybe this is useful:

I'm not sure if there is something in android or at least google its version that will allow you to push the messages to. Normally its a matter of pushing the messages over GCM to your android app. But I would not be surprised if one of the stock messaging center apps has the ability to receive push messages.

There is the stock Samsung messaging app which does support PUSH notifications:
As Samsung has the lionshare of the market, this could be a way to cover a large number of Android devices.


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Yeah, all those require an app though. The difference here is that Apple now allows push notifications from a website to a device (Android only allows from an app to a device as far as I know). There is no app here.

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It's too bad none of us here seem to be mobile developers. If I had the smarts (my coding days are long over with), I would gladly write up a free XenForo-specific app (very tiny and lightweight) to install on phones/tablets, and use it via a paid add-on (maybe $10 or so) in the forum or some other way.


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Firefox - it's for applications installed on Firefox OS, not a browser.

Chrome - it's for Chrone extensions, not websites.

IE - the JavaScript push function is just for working with arrays (not a service).

Windows - it's for installed Windows applications, not websites.


This is a cross posting from:

Hi there,

I love the idea of the "Digital Point Push Notification" plugin. I bought it the other day and have been trying to install it. I believe I have done everything correctly, but I am getting this error:

ErrorException: Extracting push notification package failed - library/DigitalPointPushNotifications/ControllerPublic/Push.php:142
Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.51.17 PM.png




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So the next version of Chrome supports Push notifications (Chrome 42), and I have it working with the add-on already...


There's a whole lot of limitations with Chrome push notifications though right now (hopefully they improve it down the road).
  • Chrome has to be open (your site doesn't need to be open, but Chrome does).
  • You can't pass any unique data with a notification (like what the notification is for, a unique URL, etc.), so you are limited to seeing a notice that you have some sort of new alert and clicking it takes you to your account/alerts page. Basically makes the actual alerts not terribly useful.
  • Requires a JS file to be installed in the root of your site (since you can only control/receive notices from the location of the service worker JS file). For example if the service worker JS was in your /js/ folder, you can only receive notices that have to do with the "js" folder and can only direct users to locations within that directory. It's basically origin security stuff.
  • ServiceWorkers seem to be pretty unstable. Sometimes when you restart Chrome, they are gone... sometimes not. (when one disappears you can't receive notifications again until you visit the site so it can re-register a service worker).
The good news is that it's a step in the right direction by Google, and hopefully they get the kinks worked out.

Would be nice to see it stabilize and be able to pass data to it so you can tell the user what the notice is for. Hopefully the next version of Chrome 42 for iOS/Android supports it as well.


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is this still actively being developed?
The only thing on the to-do list is Chrome support, but waiting for Chrome to support payload data.

So depends on what your definition of "active" is... Has it been worked on in the last few week? No. Does it work as designed? Yes. Will Chrome be added when it's possible in the future? Yes.