Add-on Digital download sales / store module?


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Are there any digital download sales Add Ons for XF?

Licence Keys sent via email ' payment and download via PayPal and credit cards etc.

or something that could be adapted to suit?

I wondering if using and maintaining separate WordPress pages for this is a bad idea...

Its been suggested that having 2 user databases (a forum member database) and a WordPress store customer database - can be a nightmare.

I would like some synergy between the digital download customers data CRM and
Forum newsletters
Segmented interest newsletters
Purchasers subsequent activity in the forums
Purchasers post sale activity writing reviews etc..

So I am feeling that while there may be WordPress themes for digital downloads and WP plug ins to facilitate download sales - it might be wiser to somehow keep the user data all together with the forum data

Does that sound crazy? or do the data 'bridges' to WP stores work OK?

And are there any digital download sales Add Ons for XF presently?

Many thanks


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Thanks Brogan I will take a look

(I recently abandoned PayPal for Stripe and am very happy with it)