XF 1.4 Different URL link for top Logo than the "Home" on Navigation Menu

I would like for the top logo to return to my main website (outside the forum) but when I click on "Home" on the Navigation bar it just goes back to the top of the Forum.

At the moment the Basic Board information only allows you to have the Logo go to the same URL as the Home Page URL. Is there way to set the Logo to go to another URL, please?


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That doesn't seem to work. The logo link and the Home button seem to be linked togther, or the Home button can be removed entirely, but you can't have both going to separate links.

I want the logo link to go to the site home and the home button to go to the forum home.

What combination of template edits and options will do this?

Alternatively, how do I add a custom link to the naviagation, e.g., adding Forum Home rather than Home with a separate logo link as above?