XF 1.5 Different Title on Sidebar Block

Hey all,
I am currently setting up a XenForo board (for the first time in ages) for a not-for-profit organisation where we are working on anti-bullying and raising awareness of the global crisis that is bullying.

I have done quite a little bit to the site (getting to the point I am almost about to post it in the critique forum for feedback) but we are currently trying to find a way to have ONE block in our sidebar whose header/background is a different color.

For example at the moment all of our blocks titles have a Black background - white text, however, would like one which is aimed at carrying the logos and links to websites who offer councillers or dedicated assistance such as lifeline, beyondblue, kids helpline etc.

So basically what we want is for that block to really stand out and therefore to fit with the design of our forum would love to have that block with a red title background.

Please can someone help - it would be greatly appreciated.