XF 1.4 different sidebar to what node/thread is displayed


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Is it possible to show a different sidebar as to what node the member is on. for example if they where on the cars discussions node/threads i can display sidebar banners but if on a motorbike node/thread i show banners for motorbikes.

Thanks in advance.


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There is no sidebar on the thread view template by default so I presume you are using an add-on.

You should be able to use conditional statements utilising the node ID to display different content for each node.


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Hi, i am not using anything at present as i am just setting up the forum. You are correct it doesn't show a sidebar on any threads this is why i was asking is it possible and if so can anyone help/guide me on how to achieve this.


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i have installed the widget framework and looks like this could do but how do i create custom sidebars with html in then display this sidebar.