Did I just inadvertently pay $15 more than I should have?


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OK... so I'm confused. I wanted to do the following:

1) Buy Xen Media Gallery
2) Add a year extension on to my recently expired basic XF license.

The extension was $55 before I bought XMG and would have given me another year to 7/17/16. XMG was in my cart so I bought that but the extension wasn't on there so I just put the purchase through. When I went back to purchase the extension, it was now $70. But I'm not quite sure I understand the system. Does this mean that my XMG support and updates will run through 7/17/17? It looks like everything will expire 7/17/16 and that buying the XF license extension meant paying $15 more for the same thing? I'm a little confused.

Steve F

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And just to clarify - a "basic" XF license extension to me would be the normal $40 (No add-ons) so you must of had XFES or the XFRM also before you purchased XFMG making it $55?


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Yep - I had a copy of the resource manager. Thanks. I'll send in a ticket. This is actually Russ' fault. He'll understand what I mean, lol.