XF 1.2 Development


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Hey guys!

So at the moment I'm running my Xenforo installation on 1.1.3 on sizaelrpg.com. Now that the 1.2 is a stable release, I want to work on making the new versions of the skins I have made so that they are ready before I upgrade the Sizael forum. If I recall rightly, we are able to have a development/testing Xenforo installation as well as long as it is used only for development and testing purposes.

My question is that as my license is for sizaelrpg.com, am I able to install my development/testing installation on a different url (draebox.com/previews/xenforo)?

Also, how do I access the client area on Xenforo? I seem to have forgotten XD


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Yes, you can install the test site wherever you wish.
Be aware it must be password protected and not accessibly by anyone other than you and your site staff.

You can download the software from here: https://xenforo.com/customers/