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So I am sick of spending so long adding phrases. And there have been a couple other small things that have annoyed me having to do over and over again that an addon could solve. So I had an idea to create an addon making developing much faster with a phrase addon that logs missing phrases and gives a page where you can fill them out with ajax and never have to reload a page again. So adding phrases would take a minute every known and again. Then I though, why not make a heap of developer tools that would make me more efficient in the long run? Then I thought why not do this on github and get other developers interested.

That mess of a story leaves me here asking if any developers would be interested in creating developer tools. Would do it all on github so anyone could contribute and would make our lives easier. I'll be making the phrase addon (when I have time which seems like never) at some point anyway.


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but how can you detect a new phrase has been used ??? that alot of work maybe editing the parser


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I haven't looked into it but either extending something or injecting a dependency.


I'm having something similar already. (problem is that i have too many dependencies, so i'm not able to release it ATM ... but there's already a other addon coder from here, working with us to remove all the dependencies)

I'm using the command line to create phrases & templates:

CLI=> C:\xampp\htdocs>dt cr phrase 'foo' 'my value' creates a phrase 'addonid_foo' with the value => 'my value' for the standard addon

C:\xampp\htdocs>dt cr template 'form' 'TODO' creates a template 'addonid_form' with the value => 'TODO' for the standard addon (defined in the config.php)

then i have this acp pages (to create several stuff and to create the zip file / and check the quality)


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Yeah that is the kind of stuff I mean. I saw you say you had done stuff like this and was hoping you would notice. What I would like to see is this kind of stuff on github so all devs can use it. What I want to do with phrases would steamline it even more than that. If you would be willing to put it on github that is.

Since this is for developers as well we can do things 'wrong' if needed and edit core XenForo files. It isn't stuff for the general public.