Developer Review: Haswell


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This is a review of a developer here on this forum named @Haswell. When my style was created, it was riddled with bugs. I had counted right around 29 of them.

I used Haswell to perform a lot of bug fixes and this guy did not disappoint. Haswell communicated with me excellently and kept me updated on everything he was doing. It was because of him that I was able to advance my forum out of an "alpha" stage and move it into beta. I'd truly recommend Haswell for fixing any of your issues. His prices are reasonable and his work ethic is fair. Not only did he fix my 29 bugs, but he also found 5 additional ones himself and fixed those.

Edit: I should also state that due to my experience with another dev taking my money, I did not pay Haswell upfront. This did not bother him, he went into my site and fixed my errors without issue. Once I saw that he was in fact doing the work I did pay him his price, but it speaks volumes that he was willing to take the full risk with me. I'd definitely use Haswell again in a heartbeat.
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