[Design question] NavTab arrows + thread preview


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A user of our forum had the following two comments, and I am not sure I can solve either of them. Perhaps someone a bit more knowledgable in CSS might know of some clever trickies to pull?

Design suggestion for the main menu on top (also not sure if its limited by forum system):
Consider making drop down activate automatically for entire button.
Else make it so that when you click the arrow area to the right it wont follow the main link, just activate drop down (but also keep the auto drop down effect).
(I think it's wrong that a button that has an expanding arrow follows its main link when its clicked, this is not very important but something I enjoy working with)

When hovering over a thread title to see some content from the first post the box might end up out of your current view.
Any takers? :)

Thanks in advance!