Deleting Spam Accounts...


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Okay, so I've made the decision to delete spam accounts on my largest site. There was 450+ accounts banned. I went through the list of banned users and started deleting them accounts one by one, checked off the list - the list is now only at 95 banned accounts. :)

Have you ever done this? Have you ever decided to do away with banned accounts and/or spam accounts?

It feels good, a lot of weight has been lifted off... Ahhh... :barefoot:


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The minimal amount of space they occupy v the possibility of the same machine re registering... I'll use the few kb.
Personally I've just banned the known IP addresses that join, I simply delete their accounts as it always saves space but if you're on a hosting plan that gives you a fair amount of resources to which you won't really hit, I'd rather keep them as a banned member so it's more clean and easier to deal with!