XF 1.2 Deleting attachments after testimport? vb3.8


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I'm did my first full import from vb3.8 to 1.2.1 for testing purposes.
I will empty the database and delete all files for a new attempt. I have several hundred thousands of attachments which are well over 100 gb. It takes quite some time to import....

Is it wise to leave the attachments-directory untouched?
What happens after a fresh installation with them?
Will the files have the same name like after the first import?
Will they be overwritten or skipped?
Or worst case, are the names most likely random and they are going to pile up on the harddisk?

Thanks for your advise :)


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Yes, of course I do.
In that case I would think that you could leave the attachments. But if any attachments have been deleted on your live forum since your test import, the attachments in the Xenforo folders would become orphaned. Best bet would be to just delete the attachment folders data and internal_data and allow the import process to create these files once again.


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the question is if leaving the files on the server, will the speed up the process?
I don't think that it would speed anything up. Your best bet is to delete the new attachments done with the test and do a final import.