XF 1.2 Delete the "Install" folder?

Lukas W.

Formerly katsulynx
Maybe some of you heard of the bug another forum software on version 4 and 5 had lately, causing hackers to be able to create admin accounts by accessing the "install" directory and do whatever - so I just wanted to ask, if it is necessary or recommended to delete the install folder in XenForo as well.

As most mods come with their own files to be put in this install directory, it seems more like it is only for those files, but maybe I'm wrong, so I just wanted to ask if it is better/recommended to delete the directory at least once to get rid of some no longer needed/endangering files or if it doesn't matter at all/is completely unrecommended.

Adam Howard

Well-known member
XenForo has had no known direct security threat in the life of the company (3 years), unlike some of it's competitors.

However, if you feel the need to take some steps as a side of caution, you could just password protect that folder (I do). :)