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Delete profile posts all - Delete profile posts all.

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This XF2 add-on along with the entire collection can be purchased for $25.00 USD. Your Premium upgrade will allow you to download as many XF2 add-ons as you like for one year. Please see the entire collection located in the Resources area at this URL:

Note: all my XF1 add-ons are still 100% free and are supported by donations.


Delete profile posts all.

Allows staff to delete all profile posts and profile...

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Thank you!! Still works! Yeah. Had over 14,000 to kill from spam crap on a vB migration. Lordy!!
I did chunks of 5000. Badda bing, badda BOOM!
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Thank you for this add-on, @AndyB ! I just separated a larger forum into two niche sites and needed to delete the profile posts on one of the sites. This saved me a huge amount of time. :)
July 2023, still banging! We had 45,563 profile posts to delete, and they're all gone now, baby! Our server is a little underpowered so I kept it at 5000 max out of an abundance of caution, and a few clicks later, all gone! Could not possibly have been more painless or more effective! Another home run for @AndyB!
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