Duplicate  Delete Multiple Conversations...


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This is a follow on post from my other post on the same subject in the help area...

Is it possible to have the Delete Multiple Conversations option when viewing your past conversations.

I do realise that you can do so one at a time but the ability to delete a full page of past conversations in one go or by selecting a small check box for multiple deletions would I feel be a godsend , more so for peeps like me who have 450 plus ( imported via vB Import )



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Thanks Brogan , I had`nt seen that one even after searching the other day...

Still no update or indication though , pity..

Looks like it will be quicker to start from scratch again but before importing from vB I will delete every members PM`s....!!!



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It's possible it may be included at some point, but highly unlikely for 1.0 stable.

I did the same as you - I deleted all PMs before importing, also signatures.