Add-on Delete [IMG ]tag from desccription


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what do you mean, not visible in the description of what? are you saying that the bbcode is actually coming out in a forum post and showing as unrendered bbcode? If so then this is almost certainly user error and not the fault of xenforo.


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Ok, now I understand. I feel that this should be addressed in a future update... Im sure a thumbnail could be shown or the image bbcode removed.

Please report this as a bug and include the screenshots you have posted here.

Great spot!


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Ok, fair enough... could it maybe use an image icon to represent that instead of what looks like bbcode (I just feel it looks like a bug).

Maybe use
or similar to represent an image or use a thumbnail of the actual image?


Thanks for your reponses

I would say this is a bug because... mmm it's a bug. that's it all !! lol

Great idea Rob ! :D