Delete Forum Installed When Changing a New Domain?


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Hi Guys,

Can i ask something regarding Xenforo License. As i know, if i want to change my domain that registered with Xenforo when purchased, i also need to to delete the old forum install and create a new install? If so, meaning to say that i cannot own more than two domains on the same license? And how if i still keep the old forum installed when i change to the new domain but just need to update URL infor in Customer Area? Coz if i delete the old one, all of information in my forum will be delete also, right? So it is so inconvenient.

Thanks in advance.
Jimmy Tran.

Jake Bunce

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A second license isn't necessary. Nor is a reinstall. Just update your license URL in the customer area. The software doesn't have any kind of rigid activation. It's more a matter of record keeping.