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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Delete all tags - Deletes all tags.

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Deletes all tags.

How to use:
  1. Add 'deletealltags' to your forum URL.
  2. Click link to delete all tags.
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How different should this be compared to just emptying the tags database table such as by doing the following?

DROP TABLE xf_tag ;
DROP TABLE xf_tag_content ;


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xenforo devs do not recommend doing such tasks from the database because tags and threads are interconnected and there would be orphaned values leftover in thread tables that might or might not create a problem in future.

about this addon, andy developed it on my request. however, i am kind of scared to use it and also not ready because i have spent a lot of time on tags myself. but the problem is that over the years when tags feature was enabled for users, no one really tagged content properly and as a result i am now stuck with over 50,000 tags most of which are quite useless and bulk have just one thread associated with them.

i would probably use it eventually. but i cannot really confirm at the moment if it works fine. for now, i have disabled tags feature for users. have blocked it from search engines. would wait for a while for them to disappear from search results so that it does not cause 404 erorrs. and in a few months would eventually use this addon to clean the database!


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I know the feeling. You might try enabling tagging only for a certain usergroup, so that only "skilled" users will tag content properly, while you merge unrelevant tags into better ones.


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hehe. i started doing it one day. but 57000 tags is just too much. and xenforo backend panel for tags is not very good. if you sort it by date or no of threads and do some processing, it reverts back to default view which is alphabetical iirc. you cannot merge multiple tags in one go. there are no batch updating possible. there is a paid addon that offers a lot of functionality but it is too pricey for my requirement and getting rid of these tags seems like the easy way out.