XF 1.4 Delete a user?

Liam W

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I managed to delete a user but he opened a new one. I can't remember how to delete him and his posts?
To just delete the user, go into their page in the admin area and click the delete button.

However, you're looking for the spam cleaner - click the spam link on one of their posts, or on their profile/avatar (member card).


Liam W

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You really should look at each post to see if there are any replies to his post, that way you can delete replies from other members as well.

You can use this add-on to delete posts by a member which has been already deleted.

He already deleted the member and their posts, but the user re-registered.

@SEOmers check the spam cleaner options in the admin panel. They may have too many posts as defined.



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Right - I have no option for spam cleaner/link in thread on barely any members at all! I've checked permissions etc and nothing stands out

Can someone help me out? he made 200+ posts, I need them gone and don't want to do one by one