Deinstall Addons


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It seems that some addons have no perfect deinstallation code.
After deactivation and deinstallation they still have some code in my forum.
The last two examples are tabbed threads from two different programmers or the group addon from nobita.

My question now is how can i learn and understand what they do and dont do. How can i get rid of an addon complete?
Probably i should watch the install files and the deinstall files and find what the last one is missing?

Where else i can have a look?
Listeners? Phrases? TMS?


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Add-ons should be coded correctly so that they remove all traces of themselves when they are uninstalled (both from the site and from the database). If they don't do this, you should report it to the authors and ask them to fix it.

Regarding the add-on files that were uploaded, I keep a copy of these on my computer. When I uninstall, I look at the directories and files that exist in the add-on (usually in /library/ and sometimes /js/ and /styles/) and delete the corresponding add-on directories and files from my site.