DEFCON 1 Spammers Galore


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dont know what is happening but not just me but every forum (including this one) i visit are getting hit hard by spammers this week.

i have banned more spammers this week than i have in the last 2 years combined

just a heads up

Floyd R Turbo

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A little late to the thread, but I had a slew of spammers registering on one forum as soon as they figured out the Q&A. Banning left and right. As soon as I changed Q&A, the registrations stopped cold.

But, recently when I had a strange issue (resolved by bumping to php7) it revealed the level of attempted registrations on one forum - because gravatar was erroring out, and the server error logs were popping in as many as 5 a minute, all the email addresses were not in the user base, and most of them looked fake. I had 97 pages of error logs in just a few days.

On another XF forum, no spammers really, and none of the gravatar errors, so no attempts either. Which is odd.

Both are using StopSpamForum, Askimet, and Project Honeypot keys, and Q&A captcha, nothing else.


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I've started to get a fair few more spammers getting past registration the last couple of weeks. I noticed earlier this week that the same account spammed both and one of my sites within about 8 minutes of each other, so I guess my site's registration page (with quite a few required custom user fields) is now in some kind of automated DB to be used in xrumer or similar.