default "watching ALL threads" for all users ?


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is it possible to have a default setting which is having all users watching ALL threads by default and receiving always an e-mail-notification when there is a new post ?

Starting off with a Forum from scratch then this would help to get the users coming back to the forum as they do receive an e-mail whenever there is a new forum post or post-reply.

Is this possible ? I want to have a setting in ACP to have the users getting notifications on all new forum-posts and replys to posts.


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You can do it for new regstrations in the ACP -> User Registration: Watch threads when creating or replying:
Set it to "Yes, with email".

For existing members it will require an SQL query to update the DB.
Members will still be able to change it in their account settings though.


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well I mean:

I want to have this setting:
to have the user watch all threads even if he did not create the thread or post into the thread by himself.

So literally once there is any new post, the user gets notified by e-mail.


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That is not possible.

I rather suspect though that your members might get quite annoyed at receiving an email for every post in every thread.


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UPDATE xf_user_option SET default_watch_state = 'watch_no_email'
you can replace watch_no_email with watch_email if you want your users get notified by e-mail.
thank you it works :)
is this mean when someone quotes your reply an email will sent to notify you ?
is there any sql query for time zone ?