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XF 1.4 Default User Groups

It looks like we either renamed or removed the REGISTERED user group because I'm not seeing it. (We've been learning XF as we go and realize we've made some blunders on the way).

I know we can create/re-create a REGISTERED user group but I don't know if there's a specific user group id assigned to the default REGISTERED user group? Is there? Are we ok just creating the group or is it more complicated than that?

Also, I see we have a MODERATOR user group but not a MODERATING user group. Again, I'm not sure if we renamed the default MODERATING user group or if we may have removed and recreated. If so, I have the same question -- is there a specific user id assigned to MODERATING default user group?

Thank you!!!!!
Hello. Sorry for the Necro, but this answered the first part of the information that I was searching for but I have not found information to the second part.

If I set a usergroup to, say ... 'New Member', do I have to manually change them "Member" or can I set a timer so that all new registrations are 'New Member' and then after 14 days, they automatically change to the 'Member' usergroup?

Thank you in advance :)