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Default Style Dark

Default Style Dark 1.1

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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Default Style Dark - Default Style Dark provides a dark theme for your forum.


Default Style Dark provides a dark theme for your forum.

Live example:


Be sure to select the Default Style Dark located in the footer. Note my forum has several add-ons installed so this is only an example.


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Installation step 1:

This step installs a completely default style with only a few color pallet changes.
  1. Download addon-defaultstyledark_v1.0.zip and unzip...
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Amin Sabet

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First of all, I love this style. Thanks very much, Andy!

Two questions:

1) I replaced all the files in my styles>default>xenforo>gradients directory with non-gradient versions, which worked throughout my site except for the titles on my CTA Featured Threads page as shown below.


Maybe I should ask in the discussion for CTA Featured Threads, but this only occurs when I'm using this particular style, so I figured it was something in the EXTRA.css for this style.

2) How can I change the text color specifically in the Quick Reply box?


Amin Sabet

Well-known member
I noticed that poll bars don't show up in this style. Fixed by adding this to EXTRA.css:

.pollResult .bar {
background: #5E79BE !important;