Dedicated server hosts in USA you recommend?


Top notch customer service. Doesn't matter if it's 3 a.m. I can reach them by phone. Had my first hard drive failure in the past 10 years (only hardware failure this whole time) and I had a new hard drive installed within an hour and I was back up and running.

Great hardware, fast uplink, I personally have unmetered bandwidth which is available at a decent rate. Are they the cheapest? No. But I swear by them and will never use anyone else as long as they keep up the standards that I have been spoiled with.

I couple Hivelocity with for security, server software upgrades, and cloud backup and I know my money is well spent at the end of the month.

Good Luck!

Mike Edge

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Who are your favorite hosts for dedicated servers or any big boards on a host in the USA they can recommend and why?
We host several 2 million or more posts big boards via our shared xF hosting services. We offer choice of three locations in NYC, Los Angeles and Atlanta Georgia. All our servers are powerful E3 1270v3's, 32GB RAM, Hardware RAID10, cPanel, MySQL on secondary SSD RAID10 array with Percona, LiteSpeed with xenForoLS Cache supported (, xF Enhanced Search supported, Dedicated IP Address for SSL support, Memcache, APC, HOURLY off-site back-ups and more!

Feel free to PM me your needs.
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We use Incero, Quadranet, and WebNX for our dedicated servers. Network uptime has more or less been 100% with all of them, and have never had a single piece of hardware fail with any of them.