Decommissioning linux dedicated server - steps?


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What steps should one take before decommissioning and cancelling your linux dedicated server? (assuming everything's been copied to your new server and has been operational on the new server for a couple of weeks, and you've copied across any data/backups you wish to retain)

1. Remove web files
2. Remove DB files
3. Uninstall/purge web server
4. Uninstall/purge DB server
5. Uninstall/purge other apps/systems added
6 .... ???? etc.

Perhaps there's a script about for performing or checking?


Jeremy P

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They're almost certainly going to format it before it gets in anyone else's hands.. do whatever you want.

sudo rm -R /


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Depends how secure you need it, shred can overwrite the data on the drive

shred -v -n 0 -z -u /path/to/data

or shred -v -n 1 -z -u /path/to/your/file

The first one zero-writes the files, the second overwrites with random data.