Debug mode and PHP Errors

Switching on debug mode enables PHP errors (Obviously :p)
But some of these errors throw off the AJAX requests in admincp. Template rebuilding dosen't work (An error occoured or the request was cancelled), and various JS based options (Like disabling Template Modifications) work but show an error anyway.

Looking at the Javscript console it is clear to see why the AJAX calls arn't playing nice with PHP errors:
[01:02:02.576] PHP
Strict Standards: Declaration of TMS_Model_Template::fetchAllKeyed() should be compatible with that of XenForo_Model::fetchAllKeyed() in /var/www/forum/library/TMS/Model/Template.php on line 0
{"_redirectStatus":"ok","_redirectTarget":"\/forum\/admin.php?template-modifications\/","_redirectMessage":"Your changes have been saved.","_visitor_conversationsUnread":"0","_visitor_alertsUnread":"0"}

As for why template rebuilds don't work, no idea. Dosen't get logged in the console. But I fixed it by altering the error_reporting flags to disable Scrict Standards warnings.
Agreed, but since the error isn't critical in this case it's easier to just remove the strict warnings since I don't need them.
Just thought I would make you aware that any errors thrown causes this behavior.