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Debate Module


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I run a debate site. Currently, it's just the forum where members debate/discuss a variety of topics.

However, I'd like to have a couple more features specifically tailored to debating, similar to:

http://www.forandagainst.com/Should_Canada_And_United_States_Armies_Unite <-- probably the better layout between the 3

Specifically, sort of an editable "tally" for members to give their input and a quick comment about the current progress of the debate.

The top of the thread would have the tally score for the Pro and Con sides. Maybe also have a few editable questions like www.debate.org has.

This isn't just a poll feature though. It needs to be able to be changed by the member at any time depending upon how the debate is going. An example graphic from forandagainst.com:


Doesn't necessarily have to be identical...debate.org is completely different, but it essentially does the same thing: shows which position is currently winning the debate.

Also, and this could be extra: a way to automate the closing of the debate. Perhaps a visual countdown that is configurable...could be 48 hrs, 1 week, 1 month, etc...

Willing to pay of course. Just let me know what the estimated cost and eta is either in this thread, or via pm if you want to keep it private.


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Anyone able to take this up? I've posted this project over at a few freelance sites and had a few nibbles...but I prefer to have XF community modders do the work as they'll know the code better IMO.


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I found some hits at a couple freelance sites. Lowest bid is $220.

Any modders here wanna take it on for less?

Anyone want to donate to the cause here?