Dear Abby


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I dunno...personally I would rather clean my own crap.....I hate when people mess with my stuff not to mention the fact of how to find stuff once things are "cleaned". And I also don't want a stepford wife. I would much rather have a girl with an opinion of her own...(not what some magazine or her girlfriends say.) and definitely not someone who is at my beckoning command. There is a point where being submissive in a relationship is too much.

If your taking a girl out to just try to get laid and you think that you shouldn't have to pay for her meal if it is not looking like your going to go spelunking after ingestion then essentially you would think that you pay for dinner = sex. It is that blatant.

On the other hand...I have a friend who has been married 2 or 3 his wife 800 a week for spending and she works at home on the computer about 20 hours a week...he works 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week doing rough manual labor. She does not clean or cook...and the second he walks in the door she say's it's your turn to stay home..(with her kid from another marriage) And she goes out to get drunk. When he tries to talk about it...she stages a fight and claims the need to leave the house. In this case she SHOULD be doing housework to balance the load in their relationship. So it is relative...and in this example...textbook manipulation.

Responsibilities are something that need to be agreed upon in a relationship...not dictated otherwise it could hardly be considered a relationship.


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I like to pay for dates and do chores but I don't want sex. This seems to confuse women. I think that I am not good at being a guy. :confused:
I kind of understand "I don't want sex" part. After seeing too much ass you get fed up with it. There is a pill for that: treat it as sport, turn it into a challenge. But then you, as an honest man, can't have a wife, even a gf for that matter. I do too sometimes want to be in a company of a lady, have a cup of coffee, talk life and part my way. Just that.

But liking to pay for dates and do chores sounds like submission to likes of Cheryl who is happy to dine at Outback Steakhouse for $162 at her guy's expense. An easy way to get duped and fall victim to the system.