Dealing With Spam


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Hi all, just upgraded my board to Xenforo and getting slammed by spammers.

With VB was getting none :(!

I have read you can create a custom user group to moderate new users and then promote them to another user group after a set amount of posts.

I was wondering if it is possible to simply email the admin upon every new registration?

That way I can see the new registrations coming in and moderate without creating new groups etc.

Further to this with spam cleaner posts go into soft delete.

Is there a way to force hard delete of posts when using the spam cleaner?

Any ideas appreciated!



Are you using Q&A to keep the spammers out? This solves the problem for just about everybody.

Make sure you don't use simple math questions like "What is one plus one", that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, it appears that reCAPTCHA has been broken, so using that is not your best option anymore.

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For bot registration, I think a registration timer is usually the best defense against that particular form of spam. I'm not sure how well the XenForo versions work, but the principle is pretty much universal. The bots are programmed to register as quickly as possible to cover as much ground as possible. This effectively cripples this form of registration, unless they decide to do it manually or not as fast.


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Thanks all for the suggestions a great help!!!!

I have installed the timer block and this seems to be stopping most of the issue I was having.

I am not versed in how they do it but it seems they are completeing the form in 2 seconds from the information I am getting from the timer block.

Since installing the mod mentioned I am back to normal :)!!!