Dead baby discovered in bin bag

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The body of a newborn baby has been found in a bin liner in east London, the Metropolitan Police have revealed.

The baby was found at about 1640 BST on Sunday hidden in undergrowth near the footpath by the Ingrebourne river in Rainham.

A post-mortem examination at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital did not establish a cause of death.

Police have been unable to trace the mother and have urged her to come forward.

They think the body may have been there several weeks before it was discovered.

The bin liner also contained a vest thought to be sold by Primark in some European countries, but not the UK.

Det Insp Colin Welsh said: "The baby was new-born and we are concerned that the mother might need urgent medical attention.

"I would appeal to anyone with information to contact us.

"The vest inside the bin liner is quite distinctive and I am hoping that someone might recognise it."

Police launched an immediate search for the mother upon discovering the baby's body.

Officers also hope to hear from anyone who may have seen the bag being dumped, which they believe could have been some weeks ago.
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Speechless this topic's here :X, still a business forum heh, sad story, but probably not the best place to discuss it; in my opinion.
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