Dates are out of order in my 'Postings' tab (Member Profile)


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I'm curious?

In some of my user profile pages, under the 'Postings' tab, they seem out of order. Normally (I believe?) they would be in order by: last post at top.

[no need to read stuff:
I'm not terribly concerned with this, because from what I see - after migrating from MyBB all NEW posts are sorted correctly. As if only data migrated from MyBB was affected. Plus, only the 'Postings' tab in profiles are effected. Finally, my forum is not doing that great (post count wise) so it does not really cause any problems at this stage - being that all NEW posts ascend in an orderly fashion.

Jake Bunce

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Yes, they are supposed to be in order by date, newest first. It uses xf_search_index.item_date.

Try rebuilding the search index:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Search Index


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Thank you - did the trick.

For some reason I first tried rebuilding thread and forum information in the ACP/Tools section; I didn't even think to try search :X3: