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Data Migration - Can't find it now, but already used before!

Discussion in 'Installation, Upgrade, and Import Support' started by Phantro, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Phantro

    Phantro Member

    Hi there.

    I know xenforo has data migration from other knowledge forum softwares.
    I just remember when I buy xenforo, I'm coming from vb4 and I got data migrated without any problems.
    Now, I just wants to do the same thing again, but I'm here over forum trying to search search and search and I can find a lot of posts with problems on data migration, or some comments about data migration. I just didn't find "how to start" or "where is the option" for data migration.

    I tried to find for, from vb to xenforo, data migration, data conversion, migrate data, converting, migrating, etc, etc and etc...

    Wow, sorry for this post, but I just blind or something like this.
    I remember that when I buy XenForo, I buy only because I have found this data migration and as I remember, that don't get hard to find like now.

    If you wants, just delete this post, because I believe this post is not necessary.
    But please... if you can send me a link to the post of that says about data migration.
    I have found a post from administrator showing some screenshots with migration, but haven't found "how to start".

    I was embarrassed to do this post. I'm so noob? (lol)

    Thank you for your time and sorry if I did bad post, really, i cant find it.
  2. Phantro

    Phantro Member

    Wow... after I did the post I have found it out of forum.


    LOL... sorry, this post can be deleted!

    Maybe its because the correct world to try search is "import data" not "data conversion" or "migration"

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